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Hands of Time: Bush Women on the Land
Curated by Jennifer Bowen

The clean air, water, and landscape of the Yukon sparks the imagination of so many artists who want to capture its essence through the rhythm of song, the movement of dance, or imagery of visual art. The selected artists from Hands of Time: Bush Women on the Land are also inspired by the Yukon landscape, but showcase a character from within the Indigenous community, the bush woman. The term ‘bush women’ refers to Indigenous women who continue to practice a traditional way of life.

This group exhibition emphasizes the bush woman hunting, trapping, fishing, and preparing meat through two-dimensional works by Mary Caesar, Dolores Scheffen, Arlene Ness, Blair Thorson, Heather Bell Callaghan, and Amber Walker. All are indigenous artists who honour bush women who continue to maintain and protect our traditional way of life on the land.