Come Walk With Us,

12986726_10156822312395298_1404147981_oNorthern Tutchone Beadwork from Mayo, Yukon – Elder’s Lounge
Curated by Eileen Peter and Kaylie-Ann Hummel

The works are a selection from the book “Come Walk With Us, Northern Tutchone Beadwork from Mayo, Yukon” published this year. The book is a collection of colourful photos of beadwork made by artists in the Mayo area, and includes step by step instructions on how to make moccasins.

The book shows how the traditions of their ancestors have evolved to become the Na-Cho Nyak Dun way of making moccasins today. To tell their story they interviewed a number of elders who shared their memories of learning from their mothers and grandmothers. Items were chosen from long ago as well as beadwork made by our Youth and younger generations today.