crosbyMarcia Crosby has worked as professor of Native Studies, writer, researcher and curator; her essays include, for example, the works of Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun and Rebecca Belmore, “Construction of the Imaginary Indian” (1991, 2010), and two others for the exhibition she curated, Nations in Urban Landscapes (1994, 1996). Her current work on Indigenous cultural practices in public spaces, situates First Nations musical bands and religious theatre as forms of social reproduction and contestation (19th/20th c.). The work is anchored in the individual, which allows for adjustments made over the course of one’s lifetime, and thus for more nuanced configurations of events at local levels, in specific socio-historic contexts. Similar ideas are evident in exhibitions more recently curated: “Aboriginal art in the city: Fine and Popular” in Vancouver Art in the 60s (2008, available on-line); the Paintings of Henry Speck: Udz’stalis” (co-curated with Karen Duffek, 2012). Crosby defends her PhD October 2016.