Ron Chambers is a member of Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (Southern Tutchone & Tlingit ancestry) and has lived most of his life in the Kluane area. He has been involved in cultural and wilderness activities his whole life and is a founding member of the Chilkat Dancers in Haines, AK, and the Ko-wee-kee Dancers of Whitehorse. He has served on the boards of National Indian Arts & Crafts, Yukon Native Products, Canada Council Explorations and 1970 Arctic Winter Games. As a teenager, he spent summers working with archaeologists and developed a great interest in this field. To this day, he continues assisting and advising archaeologists in the Yukon and Alaska. Ron uses many mediums for his artwork, including painting, sketching, drum making and carving from a variety of natural materials. He is actively involved with several boards (Yukon Fish & Wildlife, Yukon Heritage Resources, Yukon Greater Place Names) and travels to schools throughout the Yukon in an effort to pass on his passion and experience to the younger generations.